its october wowee time to get spoopy

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does anyone want an ello invite??

Green Day - American Idiot / First Lines (insp.)

Happy 10th anniversary American Idiot! 

Always Summer
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I wanted Claire to be the last one to die because Claire is the artist, Claire is the one who sees story. She sees the bigger picture. And because the series started with somebody in a car ending their life, I wanted to do somebody in a car driving off into their new life, into their new horizon.  - Alan Ball

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hadersgonnahade asked: that gif of billie is fucking killing me liz

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I suggested him [Billie Joe] that my secret dream was that someday he would play Saint Jimmy and I saw a little light behind his eyes, a flicker of excitement. He said ” Oh really, you think so? ” I’m like ” Uh-huh! “. And the next day he called and said ” Oh my god, are you serious about this? I’m shitting! “ 

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Imagine being the kid that got benched so your coach could put Airbud the fucking dog in the game

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real talk abt american idiot

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i am a hidden gem in the st pete trash pile

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